Introducing the New Peace & Justice Committee Page

Introducing the the Peace and Justice webpage for St. Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego, CA.

It is our hope that we can use this space to educate, inform, and as appropriate, call to action those who are concerned about the ongoing problems of inequality and conflict in all its forms in our community and country. This is a new undertaking, and our current plan is to post articles and relevant information monthly. Certainly, as events unfold which require more immediate response, we will act accordingly.

In 2019, St. Paul’s adopted what we refer to as Principles for Social Justice. Originating from a variety of sources, “the Principles” articulate ten points which we feel called to uphold. This blog will work toward taking each principle in turn and exploring/examining it the context of our current world. Examples of how each principle are demonstrated or violated will allow for concepts to become real.

As more experienced is gained with the webpage, sometime in the future, it might be possible to allow viewers the ability to exchange their views on relevant topics. Strict standards of civility and decorum would need to be maintained. It would be the hope that, while people can hold wildly different views, by being able to express them and be heard, all of us will gain perspective. Because someone holds a different position, should not make them the enemy, as is so common in today’s society.

The world is hurting. As Christians, we believe that we have an obligation to do what we can to help relieve the pain and suffering of those around us. Would you please join us in our effort?

St. Paul’s Principles of Peace and Justice

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