Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical ministries include the various roles in which lay people assist at the Mass – or Eucharist. Additional help is always welcome. If you would like to explore serving in a liturgical ministry, please contact The Reverend Canon Brooks Mason (619) 298-7261 ext. 325 or

Acolytes (Altar Servers)

Acolytes assist the clergy as crucifers, torch bearers, banner bearers, icon bearers and Altar servers. The team serves at Sunday morning services, Evensong, weddings, funerals and many special services. These faithful and skilled workers enhance the liturgical experience for all. Acolytes serve on Sundays at the 8:00 and 10:30 AM services and on holy days as announced.  For more information contact Canon Verger Lisa Churchill

Altar Guild

The St. Paul’s Altar Guild is a group of men and women (called Sacristans) who serve God by preparing and tending the place in which we worship. Altar Guild work goes on behind the scenes. Sacristans are responsible for creating the familiar scene in the Chancel that worshippers expect to see at Cathedral services. At St. Paul’s the Sacristans are responsible for caring for the sacraments of bread and wine, a unique privilege and humbling responsibility.

Unlike most other parish organizations, an Altar Guild is not intended to be involved in parish business or social matters; its only role is to be the priest’s liturgical partner in making the worship life of the parish run smoothly.

Chalice Bearers

The Chalice Bearers assist the clergy in administering Communion. The bread and wine are the outward and visible signs, given and received according to Christ’s command. Chalice Bearers serve on Sundays and other major holy days.  Contact The Reverend Canon Brooks Mason (619) 298-7261 ext. 325 or

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

These individuals take the Holy Communion to shut-ins. They receive special training to do so and are licensed by the bishop. Their ministry reminds those who are unable to join the community for worship at the Cathedral that they are missed and belong to the Body of Christ. Contact The Reverend Canon Brooks Mason (619) 298-7261 ext. 325 or


Members of the parish are invited to read scripture lessons and to lead prayers of the people at Sunday worship services.  For more information contact Craig Monsell .

Thurifers (Incense Bearers)

Thurifers carry the thurible with incense into the cathedral and cense the people during the service. The incense represents the prayers of the people rising and symbolizes the blessing of the elements (the bread and wine of Holy Communion) and the congregation. Contact Verger/Head Thurifer Don Mitchell (619) 804-3974 or


Ushers welcome and assist parishioners and visitors on Sunday and at special services, hand out bulletins, assist with the collection of offerings and facilitate the communicants to the communion rail. Their open and friendly faces are the welcoming committee. Contact Lucinda Parsons (619) 282-1462 or


Vergers work closely with the clergy to ensure ceremonies function smoothly. Their keen sense of liturgy, attention to detail, and continuous flexibility makes them the Masters of Ceremonies of the services. For more information contact Lisa Churchill


Because of you, we can continue to serve as a center of transformative love, faith and service!

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