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Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith, you are welcome here! St. Paul’s Cathedral brings together ancient worship, breathtaking music, and engaging sermons that invite us to live out God’s call to love and justice in this hurting world.

To All Who Enter … Welcome to St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral. You have just entered a holy and sacred space.

This cathedral exists as a place of sanctuary and safety. It is a living, breathing, dynamic body, a place that celebrates great diversity and embraces the challenges of change. It stands gracefully in San Diego as a reflector of the events, people, and theological energy that have contributed to the history of the diocese, the city, and the greatness of our Christian faith.

As an Episcopal Cathedral, St. Paul’s values the traditions of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason.  The cathedral values gender equality and the ordination of women and is led by a woman, the Very Rev. Penny Bridges, Dean.  The cathedral has a long history of working for the equality of LGBTQ people, including the celebration of same-sex marriages and naming ceremonies for gender transitions.  There is a place for you here.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a center of sacred prayer, listening, and discernment. It shines brightly as a promised place of lively and often controversial discourse centering around the important and critical issues of our time, issues that affect all of us and either threaten or affirm who we are as God’s people.


Rising Together

The Fall pledge campaign is upon us!  Visit the “My Pledge” page to view Dean Penny’s letter, the current pledge amount and upcoming virtual event details.  At the bottom of the page you can submit your own pledge for 2021.   

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Due to COVID-19 most of our events have gone virtual.  Please view the details of each event to see if it is a Zoom meeting, pre-recorded video or in-person.  Below are a few upcoming events.  Please visit our “Calendar” page for a complete list of events.

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