Construction Updates February 5

Meeting notes:

  • Discussed the updates for HVAC: pipes are complete, electrical is not complete after all to the room controls, so more work needed before they can turn system on.
  • Joe will be emailing a list of options for the contemplation of the future heating of the Cathedral Sanctuary and Great Hall and the fate of our current boilers, as well as other options.  The discussion needs to be held with the wider staff and congregation, starting with Buildings and Grounds Committee then to Chapter and then further if needed, for a determination on how we’d like to proceed. 
    • General consensus was not to spend more money on the existing boilers other than to get them out of the Cathedral, but ultimate decision being brought to larger congregation and Penny first.
  • Phil advised the lighting in the 5th Ave walkway has been erratic at best.  They are replacing some defective light units and trying to figure out how to permanently fix the issue. 
  • The engineers have ok’d the work on the future courtyard stairwell (aka Stair 1) footing which is just outside the elevator lobby on the first floor.
    • Anticipated interruption of use of the elevator lobby entrance will be limited.  They built the temporary landing high enough to be able to do a lot of work under it without disturbing access. 
    • There will be about a 2-week period of access interruption eventually, but we’ll be able to plan for it and communicate about it closer to the impact dates. There are plans to put the temporary landing back in over the weekends, if structurally possible, to provide elevator access for the weekend and services.
    • The work on the Queen’s Courtyard renovations will not begin until the Stair 1 work is completed to assure we have a viable entrance at all times to the offices.
  • Next meeting will be on February 11, 2020.  9:15a in the Fireside Room.


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