Construction Updates January 29

Meeting notes:

Discussed the updates for HVAC: pipes are complete, electrical is complete, pressure testing is complete, we see start up for the HVAC in the Great Hall Basement offices happening this week!

Discussed Sacristy Brian Cox walk through from this morning: Need Bob to fire up the boiler to do some testing on flow. 

Joe will be emailing a list of options for the contemplation of the future heating of the Cathedral Sanctuary and Great Hall and the fate of our current boilers, as well as other options.  The discussion needs to be held with the wider staff and congregation for a determination on how we’d like to proceed.  Some of the options he is discussing include:
  • Heat only the Sanctuary: would need boilers for capacity
  • Never heat the Sanctuary: wouldn’t need boilers, over capacity for current load
  • If heating Sanctuary: would need to keep it warm and not let it go cold then heat things up for the pipe organ preservation. Discussion would need to be had with this factoring in.
  • If only the Sacristy: could eliminate the boiler and do a water heater instead.
  • If only Sacristy and Vesting for HVAC: could do with a split system like we’re doing for the GH Basement offices with units in the clergy parking lot servicing those rooms.
Server Room in the new building discussion:

  • Tim Fronczek from The Computer Admin, our IT support, was present to discuss the options for server room location in either the current location in the server/copier/break room in the GH Basement, or if a special room with special ventilation and HVAC was needed for the new space.  Tim advised we would be fine keeping our server room in its’ current location if there was a pathway between the two buildings.
  • Joe confirmed there’s a conduit run between the two buildings planned in the parking garage. 
  • Tim advised that he just need some space in the electrical room for the switch(es) needed for the IT in the new building.  He advised about the amount of room needed and where the cabling would be run and the construction team and Tom were happy with the information.
  • We will not need to build out a special server room in the new building, but when making our renovation plans for the future Music Suite in the GH Basement, will need to add that space into those plans.  

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