Construction Updates February 26

Joe discussed the issues with the HVAC project:

    • New route for the ducting figured out. 
    • Using new ducting running from the new unit to the Library and Reception offices
    • Duct will run into library from the new unit through the wall of the lobby and the library.  They are coring a 15” hole for 14” duct through a 14” wall. 
    • They’ll come in and tape up the library to protect everything and then core.
    • We’re moving Judy into Kathleen’s office for the day of work to spare her the noise issues.

Queen’s Courtyard work has started. 

    • Demolition of the trees in front of Kathleen’s office window, removal of the iron railings and soon the removal of the a/c unit. 
    • Temporary plywood window will go in where the AC was until they resolve the window replacement solution.  The rescued windows from the North wall of the Great Hall are expected to be retrofitted into the reception office.
    • Jack hammering of the existing concrete has also begun.

Kathleen mentioned that the security team is still working on the lock situation and access situation in the lobby area.  Hector is supposed to be here today.  He’s in contact with Rocky in case he needs anything.

Next meeting will be on March 3, 2020.  9:15a in the Fireside Room.

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