Construction Update June 26

  • Work has started on the Nutmeg Street side of electrical work for permanent power service.  The work will proceed for the next 2-3 weeks. 
  • Nutmeg electrical timeline: work is expected to be done in mid-July
  • Electrical work and drywall work will start in the Music Library next week.  They will be framing out the new electric room walls and installing the hardware and wiring for electrics portion of the space.
  • Monday they will begin working on the “Grade and Grub” removal near the clergy parking lot to make way for the new transformer.  In addition to this, the wrought iron fencing will be coming down and temporary walls (like those around Park Chateau) will be installed.
  • We advised that Simpler Living will be having a plant salvaging party on July 29 from 2-5pm.  This works with the developer’s timeline.
  • Cathedral “make ready” plans were reviewed.  These plans are for:
    • Electric Room in the Music Library and running electric down through the kitchen into the boiler room and then outside and under the concrete in the Olive entrance and exterior breezeway walkway into the 6tth Ave courtyard
    • Queen’s Courtyard ADA accessible changes to the corner stairwell with the addition of a partial ramp and installation of a chair lift.
      • We’ve reviewed the timing of Light the Cathedral for Pride (July 10, 2019) and Greystar will be connecting with Peterson Lighting, our designer and installation team of the uplights, before making any changes to the existing building uplighting in the Queen’s Courtyard.
      • The goal is to have the work in the Queen’s Courtyard ready to install the lift on July 20th, when the lift is due to arrive.
    • Once the Queen’s Courtyard accessibility is resolved, the next phase will be the first floor elevator lobby work.  There will be a 6” change to the floor height and elevator access point.  The elevator will be out for a week during this phase of construction.  Greystar will work with SPC on picking the right week to do the work. This work will be the most impactful and disruptive so we will get details out about it as soon as they become available as we progress through this process.
    • Technical moves such as sewer, gas, electric, water that will have new pathways (running through 6th Ave courtyard and to the remaining building).  There is a “hard date” of July 22 for SDGE to come in and the work to be ready for taking the new gas hook up.  That time frame could shift due to SDGE’s schedule. 
  • Monday, plan on seeing new 5’x5’ steel trenching plates installed near the clergy lot.
  • Bob will get access keys (Medco main door key, A key, and boiler room key) for access to work on the electrical installation earlier than staff arrival (approx. 7am)
  • Reviewed what it will take to make the music library new electrical box “hot”:
    • Approximately a 1 day shutdown of power but this will be for Olive Street, Nutmeg Street and our campus.  It might be done overnight and we may not be impacted at all, but our neighbors will be.
    • They will work like crazy in July to get everything ready for inspection, which should happen the 1st – 2nd week of August.  Then there is a 30-60 day window once approved to get the scheduled date of the shut down and SDGE sends out notices about the shut down to the neighbors.  SDGE tells us when we can make this switch.
  • Reviewed Bob Oslie will be out of the country/unavailable from July 28 to August 15, 2019 for his vacation.
  • Possible work next week for water and valves that may cause water shut downs for the Sacristy and Vesting rooms.  We are going to stay in touch with Brooks regarding any impact on these spaces as soon as it is known.
  • Tom D. asked about the status of decision making on the HVAC for the Great Hall/Cathedral related to the two boilers in the boiler room.  There will be a review of bids and Joe the one handling the HVAC information will be invited to the next meeting on July 3, 2019 to review. Penny will also be consulted, updated with this information and will also be invited to the next meeting.
  • Park Chateau demolition:
    • Will happen once the gas meter is pulled by SDGE.  They feel that could happen today or tomorrow. 
    • Once done, they can pull the building permit and begin demolition.  This is currently scheduled for next week and will take about 2 weeks to complete.
    • There will be blocking off of street parking and sidewalks on the south side of the street and will also lose the parallel parking across the street just east of The Abbey. 
    • The Olive St parking lot will be partially used by the construction team for the demolition period (the spaces on the west side of the lot will be lost for now.  We will make a sign for a temporary handicap spot in the parking lot to replace the one we will lose during this time.
  • Monday we will work with Brooks and Chuck to aid the Greystar workers in salvaging the sacred soil nearest the Sacristy in the 6th Ave courtyard.  We will be saving a layer of the dirt from this area where ashes have been buried and scattered.  We will reuse the dirt in a planting of “Olie” the olive tree and place the new planter filled with the salvaged dirt and Olie over on the Nutmeg side of the building until we can find a new home in the new courtyard eventually.
  • Reviewing the Bay Alarm scope of work with Rocky after the meeting  for the change of services from admin building to new offices and the existing keypads at the choir rehearsal room and the Sacristy hall.
  • We will meet the same time next week 10:30-11:30am in the Fireside Room.

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