Update on Cathedral Improvements

Many, many people have commented favorably on our expanded and more accessible chancel – the area where the choir and clergy lead worship. Many people have also commented on the lack of light in the chancel and the variable quality of our sound system. Both of these challenges are being addressed, but it is taking longer than any of us would like. The lack of light in the chancel was an unforeseen consequence of our efforts to be wise stewards of the gifts that made the expansion possible. We are working on a temporary, rented light configuration while our team designs, orders, and installs permanent lights for the choir, clergy, and organists.

The lighting in the nave seems to be less bright than before, but this is due to the contrast with the new theatrical lights. We are investigating the possibility of switching out the current LED nave lights with updated, brighter bulbs.

As for the sound, an audiovisual upgrade has been a part of the chancel plan from the start, but the supply chain delays caused by the pandemic continue to haunt us: some components of the improved system have been on order for many months and we still don’t have an estimated delivery date. Rest assured that, as soon as we have all the components, we will waste no time in scheduling installation.

If you ever have questions about our facilities, please don’t hesitate to contact Dean Penny, Kathleen Burgess, or Jen Jow: we will be happy to share what we know!

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