Good News from Nutmeg & Olive

Nutmeg & Olive, LLC, the owner of our space in 525 Olive, is pleased to announce that after careful negotiations we have entered into a lease agreement with MRKT Space, a new line of upmarket food and drink establishments, to build out and occupy the commercial space on the first floor west of 525 Olive. As you may know, the commercial space is an unfinished shell, and a great deal of work must be done before any business can be conducted there. However, MRKT Space has already prepared preliminary floor plans and that we are hopeful they will be able to complete their design, building permit, and construction of their tenant improvements by the end of 2023. We look forward to enjoying the ambience and benefiting from rental revenues starting in early 2024. MRKT Space currently has outlets in Encinitas and La Jolla. Check out their website at

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