St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Neighborhood

Sisters and Brothers,

I invite you to join a conversation this coming Sunday, October 13 at our 9 am forum exploring the myths and realities of homelessness, what we do to help, and what we might do together in Christ’s name in the time ahead.

Our Cathedral is located across the street from Balboa Park, a place of enrichment and recreation for tourists and residents, and a place of refuge and struggle for many without homes.  We recognize that homelessness is a complex problem not easily solved, but we are compelled by a Christian commitment to the poor to do what we can to ease human suffering.

I wonder what a Christian response to such suffering would look like for St. Paul’s in this time and place?  What can we Christians do or say to address the troubling decline of empathy in today’s world?

Again in this Sunday’s Gospel, God uses the forgotten to remind the rest of us that we all are in need of saving love, a warm embrace, and basic human care.

Blessings, Colin
The Rev. Colin Mathewson

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