Letter From Richard: Encanto Movie Night

Hello St. Paul’s and visitors.

The Stewardship Committee and Family Ministry of St. Paul’s collaborated to offer a movie night for all ages, this Saturday at 5PM we’ll be watching Disney’s “Encanto”.

Encanto is the tale of a multigenerational Colombian family, the Madrigals, and their magic gifts. The protagonist of the story is Mirabel, who does not appear to have any magical gifts, which sets her apart from the rest of her family. Her lack of a gift is mysteriously connected to the disappearance of her Uncle Bruno, who is a scapegoat in the family for his gift of seeing the future.

The songs of this story are now deeply embedded in the minds of so many young people, and offer us as Christians a way to have conversations about spiritual gifts, of which St. Paul implores us to be good stewards. If you want to have some fun conversation with the next person you hear humming “We don’t talk about Bruno,” join us Saturday at 5PM in the Guild Room.

There will be dinner, crafts, and meaningful intergenerational conversations about how, just like the Madrigal family, we all have special gifts and a part to play in God’s story. To ensure we have enough food, please RSVP to the link below in this newsletter.

Before I sign off, please know that Stewardship is interested in exploring more collaborative events across our various ministries. This is one way we want to represent our congregational understanding of stewardship, that it’s not just about money supporting the ministers in their work, but that good stewardship is itself a function of ministry. We care for the whole of the community, beyond the pledge campaign, as important as that is.

I want to thank Jairus Kleinert, our Stewardship Chair, and the members of the Stewardship Committee, and our wardens Justin Lewis and Darien DeLorenzo, as well as our Family Minister Maya Little-Saña for taking this first step in leading by example: stewardship is about all of us. May we all share our gifts in the glory and grace of God’s love. This is Rev. Richard, and I’ll see you Sunday!

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1 thought on “Letter From Richard: Encanto Movie Night”

  1. Great idea–and great combo of stewardship and Family Ministry. We talk about outreach to families, and programs like this and Trunk or Treat, to name just two, put words into action…and we’re doing something for families, not just asking from them. Brilliant!


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