Restoring Sacred Relationship with Earth by Rev. Victoria Loorz

From our Simpler Living ministry and Creation Justice Ministries:

At Simpler Living’s recent annual retreat we shared our passions for God’s creation that will inform our Cathedral activities as we all journey together in this time of climate change.  Restoring Sacred Relationships with Earth by Rev.Victoria Loorz, founder of the Center for Wild Spirituality and Wild Church Network, speaks to the deepening environmental crisis and the reason that we as people of faith must come together sooner than later.

The old story, as eco-spirituality pioneer Thomas Berry said 30 years ago, is no longer effective.  A story of domination and separation expressed through violence of racial and species superiority is unraveling. And a new story is emerging. Everyone affiliated with the Creation Justice movement is involved in that emergence. We are living in a time of liminal in-between.  We know that the layers of crises and cruelty we face will not be solved with technological, political, or economic strategies alone. That a deeper transformation of heart is necessary to welcome in a new story... Continue Reading

Creator God, we know your creation to be very good.  As we lift the veil from our eyes and listen with our hearts, help us restore our sacred relationship with Earth and one another, that we may “speak for the trees” with our advocacy and action, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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