Lean into Sunday: Resting with God

“Lean into Sunday” is an invitation to explore the coming Sunday’s Gospel reading. Each week, families will have an opportunity to read, respond to, and live out the Gospel as a family.

Notes about the Gospel: The passage from Mark that we have in this set of sessions seems to be telling us, amid all that shows up in our lives, to take time to breathe. Find space to just be. Perhaps it is a walk with a child, time puttering in a garden, or going fishing. We recharge our cell phones so they can keep serving us. Take a lesson from the cell phone: breathe and revitalize.

The Story

Jesus and his friends had been working hard. They had traveled all over the countryside to tell people many things about God, and they helped people who were sick to get well. Jesus was tired and the disciples were tired. Jesus said to them, “Let’s go someplace where we can rest,” So his friends got in a boat to go to the other side of the lake. Jesus came along later. Jesus had some time to just rest and be quiet with God.


  • I wonder when you need peace and quiet?
  • I wonder how you feel after you have rested?
  • I wonder why rest is important? 
  • I wonder why Jesus took time to rest and be quiet with God?

Go (sort of): Practice Deep Breathing as a Family

Start at the bottom left of the triangle.

Breathe in for three counts as you trace the first side of the triangle.

Hold your breath for three counts as you trace the second side of the triangle.

Breathe out for three counts as you trace the final side of the triangle. You have just completed one deep breath.

After Deep Breathing: 

  • I wonder if you feel any different after deep breathing? 
  • I wonder how quiet and rest help us grow closer to God? 

You could say:

 When we find a place to just be quiet and rest, we can also tell God things we want God to hear from us. We can ask God for things we need. We can thank God for things that make us glad. Invite the children to think about these things and help come up with the closing prayer.

Closing Prayer: Thank you, God, for the times we can be still and just be with you. (Include

what the children have offered in this prayer.) Amen.


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