Lean into Sunday: Living Bread

Have you ever heard the phrase, you are what you eat? This is important when we think about Jesus in this sense. If we eat of the bread of life, of Jesus; if that helps form, create, and grow our very human body, we will inherently be changed by that. We will learn and digest his actions and who he is. This is especially true on Sundays when we take communion and take time to rest and restore our souls for the next week in the world.

Lean into Sunday: Resting with God

“Lean into Sunday” is an invitation to explore the coming Sunday’s Gospel reading. Each week, families will have an opportunity to read, respond to, and live out the Gospel as a family. Notes about the Gospel: The passage from Mark that we have in this set of sessions seems to be telling us, amid all … READ MORE…

Lean into Sunday: Love Makes a Family

As San Diego begins celebrating Pride this week, this special edition of “Lean into Sunday” includes a brief read-along video, prayer, and discussion questions surrounding the book Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer; an inclusive, bright and fun board book about what all families have in common- LOVE! Before the Video:  Show the book … READ MORE…