If You Want Peace, Work for Justice

In preparing for my upcoming sermon for the last Sunday in Advent,  I came across the 1972 address of Pope Paul VI given on the World Day for Peace. You may have heard the phrase, “If you want peace, work for justice”; the phrase was coined in this speech.

Particularly on the Sunday during which we will meditate on the Magnificat and on the fruits of Mary’s glorious assent to God’s purpose in her life, I believe it worthwhile to revisit the Pope’s words and consider the ways human compassion, social justice, and an honest peace are related. Working for peace is surely no easy thing, but rather requires a “greatness of soul” (in the Pope’s words) to which we aspire and for which we pray.

Come, O Jesus, and grant us the grace and courage to live our your call to love this hurting world with all that we are!

The Rev Colin Mathewson

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