How to tell your story

As we told you previously, the history committee is collecting stories of SPC.  Here are some prompts that may help you. Everyone’s story is important, wherever you see yourself– congregant, chorister, visitor, clergy, staff….  The community is the whole body of us.  Please help us tell the story of all of us!

Why and when did you originally come to St. Paul’s and what keeps you coming?

Is there a Bible story or parable that relates to your own history at St. Paul’s? If so, please tell us.

What kind of SPC social gatherings or special activities do you enjoy remembering?

Do you recall issues or events when our church community stood strongly to support human dignity or civil rights? What were your feelings about such an event?

Describe a time when you really needed support from the church and who/what helped you with that need?

Every year we go through a Stewardship process which focuses on pledging to keep our community thriving. What inspires you to pledge, or keeps you from pledging?

Do you remember when Queen Elizabeth II came to St. Paul’s? Recall what that event was like for you.

Do you have memorable times you recall with members of the clergy or staff? Here’s a list from our past and present: Rev. Harold Robinson, Rev. Lester Lyndon-Jones, Rev. Jack Sanford, Rev. George Ross, Dean Jim Carroll, Bishop John Chane, Dean Scott Richardson, Dean Penny Bridges, or perhaps assistant clergy Rev. Rines, Rev. Alden Franklin, Rev. Lee Teed, Rev. Allisyn Thomas, Rev. Richard Lief, Rev. MaryAnne Lacey, Rev. Jeff Martinhauk; Choir Masters Larry King, Don Small, John Kuzma, Edgar Billups, Martin Green. Others you can think of or want to talk about with regard your history here?

Were you here during the Civil Rights movement and its changes in the 60s? What was that like? Did you hear messages from the pulpit? Did the issues divide the community? What gay and lesbian issues affect you if any? How or how not?

What times or issues caused division and consternation within our community? How were they handled? Was there healing? Was there a special person who helped you or whom you helped? Talk about community.

What was it like to be a child in the choir? What choir directors made the biggest impacts on you? Were there special services that meant a lot to you? What did you wear as a choir member?

Describe an adult education class or forum or series that impacted your life and how you view others.

Do you have memories of Sunday school and favorite activities, or a special teacher?

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