Tell us your story! SPC history committee has a request

Got a story you’d like to tell about you and your years at St. Paul’s Cathedral?

We would love to hear it!

We are a committee that will be putting together a written portrait of our church ranging over the past fifty years or so and your story will help us with that portrait.

Some suggestions and ideas appear on the subsequent posts of this blog. Perhaps one of them will make you think of a personal story. We hope it will. Please feel free to find a topic entirely of your own and as long as it relates to St. Paul’s Cathedral history, it will be very welcome.

We also want to give you a sample reflection as a sort of idea about how you might write one of your own. You need not follow this example’s format, of course.

We will archive every story we receive in the Cathedral’s archives and will choose what we need from all submissions.

If possible, send your story to me, Robert Heylmun, at

If you write it out instead, that’s good too. Please hand it to me at church or to Joanna Airhart, Paula Peeling, John Will, Robert Wilkins, or The Rev. Canon Jeff Martinhauk.

Many thanks for your contribution to this project. The parish will celebrate its 150th birthday in 2019 and we want to be ready with a finished book of memories and stories.

God’s peace,
For the History Committee,
Robert Heylmun

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