For Lent: Fast, Reflect, or both! (and Pray, of course!)

From our Simpler Living Committee Consider a carbon fast! Climate Stewards USA has a weekly theme associated suggested things to fast. Click to learn more!

Daily Reflection-Action Calendar to Cultivate Creation JusticeCreation Justice Ministries has provided an excellent daily reflection-action calendar for Lent. Click here to view the PDF!

Registration is still open for the Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul book study, beginning on March 8.

Bountiful God, you call us to labor with you in tending the earthWhere we lack love, open our hearts to the world’where we waste, give us discipline to conserve;where we neglect, awaken our minds and wills to insight and care.May we with all your creatures honor and serve you in all things,for you live and reign with Christ, Redeemer of all,and with your Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

From “Liturgical Materials for Honoring God in Creation,” in the Book of Occasional Services 2018 (page 291)

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