As you know, the federal government has detained families from Central and South America seeking asylum, and is now releasing some of them, in some cases dropping them at transportation hubs with few or no resources for travel to their homes. At the same time a large caravan is coming north through Mexico, with families that are hoping to seek refuge from violent conditions in their own countries. Several San Diego agencies are working to provide emergency shelter, transportation, and basic needs as the crisis builds. Alliance San Diego is coordinating relief efforts. Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a donation to Catholic Charities’ emergency travel fund or to the special fund set up by Alliance San Diego at
  • Pray for the families and all involved in this humanitarian crisis.

About the Caravan:
  • There are 2,600 in Tijuana waiting to process in as asylum seekers
  • The San Ysidro port processes in several hundred a week
  • They asylum seekers part of a steady flow over the last several years
  • They are from Central America, Mexico, and other parts of the world
  • The northbound caravan of more than 7,000 is in addition to steady flow
  • Caravan contingent is currently walking and the trajectory will take them to Tijuana
  • Some might settled in Mexico and others may go to other parts of the border
  • If they get rides or board buses, they will arrive faster (within days)
  • If they continue walking, they will arrive in about 40 days
Southern Cali Response:
  • Alliance SD and partners stood up response structure for Haitian influx (5,000 ppl in 2016)
  • We are again standing up our response infrastructure with our partners in CA
  • Our priority on this side of the border is to help people get to destination
  • Roughly 95% will be headed elsewhere; we are gathering $ for travel (it is estimated that 1 million was needed during the Haitian response)
  • An intake center at the Port of Entry has been established 
  • Border Patrol began releasing family units (with children) from ports; they are estimating the release of 50-100 a day (with and without travel plans)
  • Families released will have ankle bracelets and court dates (1/31/19) at destinations
  • Adults without children will continue to be detained
Our MX Partners in Baja California:
  • We are in steady contact with partners on Mexican side
  • They are also gathering resources, and making plans for additional shelter
  • There is no MX government support available (until new President takes office 12/1)

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