Dear St. Paul’s family,
Next Tuesday the mid-term elections will take place across the nation. Traditionally voter turnout has been low for the mid-terms, and I want to encourage you to cast your vote. It’s one thing that all Americans do together, and goodness knows we need moments of national unity in these divided times. The voice of progressive Christians especially needs to be heard, and voting is an important way to accomplish that.
We all know that it’s both inappropriate and illegal for the leadership of a faith community to advocate for or against a particular candidate or party. Our call is to advocate for the dignity of every human being, and against injustice, prejudice, fear, and cruelty. Now we have an opportunity to practice that advocacy by voting. Just as Jesus participated in the public life of his time, challenging community leaders and calling for policies that fed the hungry and freed the oppressed, so we are to participate too. I became a US citizen only six years ago, and I still cherish the privilege of voting in person and having the opportunity to thank the volunteers at my quiet little neighborhood polling station.
There is something for everyone to do on election day, even if you are not registered to vote or have already voted by mail or in advance: you can still offer your assistance to give rides or serve as polling station volunteers. It’s important for every voice to be heard!
I saw a Facebook meme recently that said something like, “If you bought a lottery ticket with a minuscule chance of winning, you understand that it only takes one number to make a difference. So vote.” Every vote does make a difference, and by participating in the democratic process we can all help to create a society of love, compassion, and inclusion. Whoever and whatever you vote for, I hope you will exercise that privilege on Tuesday.
Your sister in Christ,

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