Construction Updates January 15

Meeting notes:

  • Reviewed if there had been a consensus on the shoring and structural teams regarding the landing stairwell on the East side of the building.  No news yet, but discussions continue to figure out who, what and which steps go first and next.  The Queen’s Courtyard work depends on this schedule so once we know more, then we’ll work out when that work begins so as to have a viable entrance at all times to the Great Hall basement offices.
  • Reviewed if we should replaces some of the exposed pipes that are available to us because of construction.  General consensus was that they are in good condition, have been pressurized, is “type K” copper pipe, will be reinsulated with new materials, and half of the pipes are under the newly poured concrete, so it was decided that not replacing them was the best course of action/non-action.
  • HVAC Update:

    • Project is moving along nicely.  Air handlers are installed. 
    • It looks like 2 weeks or less to get HVAC into the Great hall Basement offices.
    • Working to fire up the boiler and get the Sacristy heat going as well.  More work to be done there, but getting it started is key.
    • Need to add a fan to the Sacristy as well for the new heating system.
    • Brian Cox Mechanical to be called for real numbers to deal with boilers in Boiler Room. 
      • Bob had one boiler rebuilt 4-5 years ago so that’s the one we want to keep.
      • Want to see how much it would cost to remove the other non-functioning boiler since we can do what we need with just one. 
        • It might be more expensive to remove, just FYI
  • Next meeting will be on January 21, 2020.  9:15a in the Fireside Room.

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