Construction Updates February 12

Meeting Notes 

Engineers will not sign off on working on the footings of the Stair 1 landing until other work has been completed. Rocky asks if it is possible to start the work for the Queen’s Courtyard instead while the back stairwell is on hold.

  • Reviewed any potential conflicts with teams and did not find any reason to delay the start of Queen’s Courtyard work.
  • It will take 4-6 weeks to do the transformation
  • Cathedral made team aware of April due dates for Palm Sunday (4/8) as the courtyard is used for the celebration.
    • Good possibility that bulk of work would be completed by then. 4 weeks for the bulk of things and 2 additional weeks for loose ends.
    • Could be that work is completed but chairlift inspection pending and can’t use chairlift until permit clears.
  • Scope of work includes: removing old stairwell in Northeastern corner of courtyard, remove part of landscaping, installing ramps to chairlift, installing chairlift and new stairs.

Review of dig site status. About half way down now but work will seem to go a little slower because of removing dirt from a deeper location, hardness of earth at this level.

  • Archeologist and Native American site observation has ended due to depth with no findings.
  • Paleontologist stays on the site until done digging.

Next meeting will be on February 18, 2020. 9:15a in the Fireside Room.

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