Construction updates April 8

We hadn’t met in several weeks so had a catch-up meeting.

Rocky Update:

  • Dumpsites closed for a few days due to rain so dirt removal on hold a few days.
  • They’re taking the down time to put a man lift in
  • Stairs to the Queen’s Courtyard concrete was poured incorrectly so demo
    is happening this week during the rain and next week when the rain
    subsides, they’ll re-pour the cement.
    • Discussion about the color
      of the courtyard red cement in conjunction with the new cement
      installation. Tom will go to review the site and see what the
      delineation looks like. Kathleen suggested we consider refreshing the
      red in the courtyard so there would be an even match from old to new and
      the team will look into a quote and scope of work for that.


  • Asked to review the webcam for the site and review a distinctive wet
    area on the one panel of the shoring wall. Rocky and team will
    investigate further. It could be a blacktop run off issues, they’ll
    check it out.


  • Thanks for a smooth power down
    and reboot. Only one issue arose with the back up battery on the
    magnetic locks on a few of our doors. We’ve chained the double doors
    into the courtyard for security. We checked into getting it fixed or
    being able to reboot it ourselves with our regular tech, but he advised
    it would require a site visit and he is quarantined and has been ill.
    Kathleen will check with the company who installed the system (JDS
    Security)and see if they can send someone else out to resolve the issue.


  • Inquired about the schedule of the erection
    of the crane and wondered if it would be delayed at all? Rocky advised
    that other than a few rain days delay it’s pretty much on the same
  • Any new graffiti? Just the stuff on the 6th Ave side
    in the tunnel, with a little on the green fabric fence. They’ll be
    addressing that today.

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