Construction updates April 22

Rocky Update:

  • Courtyard stairs are done.
    • Kathleen will share photo with Tom.
  • Handrails for it being fabricated
  • Chairlift installer comes out again to inspect new housing and will then work out installation schedule, which will likely be a month out.
  • Bids just shared for courtyard cement spruce-up via Brad to Tom. Tom will share with Cathedral staff.
    • Of the bids offered when asked, Rocky’s suggestion was for “the top tier” because of the process and ability to maintain with more ease in the future. We’ll review all bids once Tom sends
  • Dehumidifiers in Bob’s office and Boiler/Work room where rain got in due to clogged rain drain on construction site. Working on patching and sealing permanently the spots where the water got in.


  • Received the bids for the Queen’s Courtyard this morning from Brad. He’ll review and share with Cathedral Staff.
  • Reviewed permit(s) status. Rocky & Steve advise everything looks on target.
  • Working on proposals for new building will review and share with Penny today.


  • Stress crack review:
    • Rocky and crack inspectors are aware, have reviewed and documented. They will be keeping an eye on them
    • Kathleen will send pictures of cracks to Tom and others.

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