Construction Update September 18

Regular Construction Update

Reviewed schedule:

  • Queen’s Courtyard ready to begin demo
  • Finishing stairs for thurifer porch and vesting stairwell by clergy lot
  • SDGE releases received but questions about the address they have on the paperwork.  Greystar following up so there are no unexpected delays due to paperwork.
  • Asbestos abatement done on Friday this week or Tuesday next week on the Admin building.
  • Leaving some blacktop in the Olive St. Parking lot, but site wall and trees are now gone.
  • Admin demo date is estimated 10/18 but bears on meter release from SDGE.

Cathedral Improvements:

  • Elevator lobby sanded and ready for paint. Need to button up stuff in the lobby before we open to public.  Going to finish lobby instead of half-finished and starting on the Queen’s Courtyard.
  • North wall waterproofing done.  Will need to figure out HVAC (possible quote from other vendor Joe will look into).  Can’t use window units once the new window wells and windows are installed due to fire rating.
  • Joe met with plumber and they are laying in the gas line through the courtyard breezeway as previously mapped out. There will be some but minimal piping seen by public. It will be 1-1/2” pipe and painted to match its surroundings.  There will be a one day outage to make the connection for gas when the time comes.
  • Questions about how to get on the affordable housing list for the new building?  It will be overseen by the SD Housing Authority, and it’s too soon for them to have the paperwork pertinent to this building.  If people inquire, they should be advised and directed to SDHA.

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