Contemporary Service
in the Courtyard

Second and Fourth Thursdays, 6:00 p.m.

This service is designed to be short, accessible, and participatory; members of the community lead the worship and contribute material. Each month has its own theme (transformation, creation, stewardship etc). On the 4th Thursday the service concludes with a labyrinth walk. The service bulletin will only be available electronically; please bring your smart phone. 


Where is the gathering held?

On the Second Thursday the worship service is held in the Queen’s Courtyard in the 2700 block of 5th Ave. 92103 (Click Here for Google Maps). On the Fourth Thursday the service takes place in the Dean’s Courtyard on the 6th Avenue side of the cathedral campus, featuring our new labyrinth (Click Here for Google Maps)

When is the gathering?

The gathering takes place each month, except for the winter months of December, January, and February, and a summer break in July.

What happens at the gathering?

An informal worship service that lasts about 30 minutes. On the fourth Thursday we conclude with a labyrinth walk at your own pace. 

What is the worship service like?

Our service is experimental, participatory, experiential and a reflection of those present… Everyone is invited not only to participate in the service, but to help create as well! Each time we gather, you will see people who have volunteered to present or embody the 7 roles/sections of each service. They are:

  • The Officiant: Leads the opening and closing sections.  
  • The Psalm: Chosen to harmonize with the month’s theme.
  • The Reading: Also chosen to reflect the theme.
  • The Reflection: A personal response to the psalm.
  • The Canticle: Any canticle or song, that you bring to offer.
  • The Prayers: Specifically crafted to reflect the theme and/or reading.
  • The Artistic Response: A poem, dance, or other creative reflection. 
  • The Music: Leads or provides the background service accompaniment (can be acoustic or electronic).

Volunteers are invited to lead, embody or interpret that role/ section/ content in any way they choose. If you want to share a song, dance a Psalm, or lead a prayer… we encourage you to participate! Or, you can simply read the text. By allowing our worship to reflect our community, not only do we get to learn from and share in each other’s gifts, but we are able to worship God with all the beauty, diversity, and creativity of the community- a living body of praise!

Can I invite others?

Yes! We would especially love to welcome unchurched and de-churched individuals. Please feel free to forward this to others you’d like to invite, and don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns.

labyrinth walk 2


Because of you, we can continue to serve as a center of transformative love, faith and service!

Have questions or need to make changes?
Feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.