Construction Update September 12

Regular Construction Update Meeting

Reviewed schedule:
  • SDGE looks like about 2 weeks left for main package underground.
  • Asbestos abatement started in the Admin building this week.
  • Cox conversion is progressing.  Cored holes on the north side of the workroom wall for entry point. They’ll run the lines once the main electrical is done.
  • Tower bring up has the clock ticking.  10/16/20 is close to a real daye for potential meter switch over.  Date will likely change though.  Potential power down date to be announced.  Bob O. is starting to plan a zoo field trip for staff for one of the down days.
Cathedral Improvements:
  • A generator has been brought in to back up the power supply if needed.
  • Discussion of address changes and needs for gas meter address vs. billing address was reviewed.  We won’t need to change the meter address if we change our street address to accommodate the mailbox move and change in the Cathedral’s footprint on the block.
  • Working on the gas piping to get it to the point they can run it overhead in the exterior Breezeway corridor. 
  • Waiting on Queen’s Courtyard until the back entrance is finalized.
  • Elevator service may be returning this week.  Lobby access on first floor should be limited to staff due to railings and finishes not having been installed yet.  We will advise the congregation about the real opening of the elevators after the safety equipment is put in place.
  • Discussed the new gas line into the boiler room.
    • Transition should be seamless
    • Questions about the connection of pipes to the boiler and how to manage the switch over at these points. Joe advised it could be more down time if that gets complicated.
  • Pouring the exterior Breezeway corridor ramp this week.
  • Review of first floor elevator lobby to do’s:
    • Drywall
    • Taping
    • Paint
    • Ceiling install
    • Ralis in house in 2 weeks
  • Review of removal of wall font in the hall where the new ramp near the reception office. 
    • Removal ok only if fully intact
    • They will test the area around it to see how it has been installed and will review possibly extraction so wall safety rail can be installed.
    • SPC will store the piece, if removed, for reinstallation in another location or the new building.
    • If not able to be removed, rail will be formatted to fit around the font.
  • Review of the ventilation request for the basement office server/copier/kitchenette room.  Solutions are being worked out and pricing from various vendors (ventilation, coring, electrical) are being sourced now.  Review of funding for the project has begun as well.
  • Reviewed security system reinstallation details for the first floor elevator lobby. 
  • Trash removal will be taken care of by Greystar with their large dumpsters.  SPC can put the campus trash in their dumpsters and Greystar will arrange for removal of trash.  SPC will cancel current trash pickup service for the next few months.  This will save SPC about $550 per month in expenses.
  • Review of progress on getting time lapse cameras for the duration of the construction project. Brad is working on discussing with a few buildings in our area for the best angle and will advise when he has more information.
  • Rocky requests a review of potential rental of the clergy parking lot.  Kathleen will discuss with various people (accounting, insurance, etc.) including Penny and review further with Greystar/Rocky.


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