Construction Update October 9

Regular Construction Updates

Meeting notes:
  • Got the SDGE date Thursday 10/24/19 10 pm to 10/25/19 7am .  Greystar is good with us closing the offices for the 25th so they can do testing throughout both buildings.
  • Elevator modification starts 10/21/19.  Should take 9 weeks, but we think it can be done quicker, closer to 7 weeks.  Will work on dialing that in.  Might mean doing longer 10-hour days at some point to speed things up.  We’ll readdress it next week.
  • Need to work out pass through on elevator lobby entrance while that work is being done if we are doing the Queen’s Courtyard ADA improvements.
  • Demolished the Admin building as far as they could before the SDGE switch over.  Once the switch happens, 3rd floor outdoor walkway will become a construction zone and won’t be able to be used. 
  • Working on Olive St parking lot blacktop and tree roots next week.
  • Beams should be coming in the first 2 weeks of November.
  • Rocky still has a generator on site in case we need it.
  • 10/25/19 passes then they will start the grading on the Park Chateau side of the lot. About a 3’ grade needs to be cut down. Then 1-2 weeks for mobilization.
  • They will work on expediting the new exterior stairs for the 6th Ave side of the Great Hall building.
  • There will be a 52’ to 57’ hole when they do the dig, eventually.  There will be archeologist for 0-16’ review of the dig and a paleontologist for anything 16’ and deeper, supplied by the city to monitor the dig.
  • Sidewalk will be out of commission going forward for the duration of the project for the most part.  Talked about making adjustment to open doors in the Cathedral (south vs. north porch) and making new signs to alert people.
  • Joe advised the estimates are coming in soon for the HVAC for the Great Hall Basement and other HVAC improvements.
  • Hold on the Queen’s Courtyard work until the elevator lobby heavy work is done or they won’t be able to get the big items in that are needed. 
  • Next meeting is in two weeks on October 22, 2019 at 10:30 in the Fireside Room.

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