Construction Update November 6

 Regular Construction Updates

Meeting notes:
  • Discussed the possibility of meeting weekly again.  Some communication was lost when we went to bi-weekly meetings.  We’ve decided due to schedules that we will meet on Tuesdays in the Fireside Room from 9:15-9:45a going forward.
  • Temporary 2nd floor landing is being developed to get something out there and aid our traffic flow.  Possible scaffold jacks attached to the wall for the 2nd floor only.
  • Elevator finishes are being turned over to the interior design team to work on matching up lobby finishes with interior elevator cab finishes.
  • Talking about replacing the Great Hall red entry doors due to deterioration.  More discussion to come.
  • Check in on elevator schedule, but Rocky will get back to us with more information on completion date.
    • Still waiting on Smoke detector quote from Bay for the elevator lobbies.  Kathleen will follow up on bid.
  • The HVAC suggested improvements for the Great Hall basement have been approved and scheduling/timeline to follow.  SPC has a generous anonymous donor who will be funding the project and Chapter has agreed to accept the gift and move forward with the work.  Thanks to Joe Williams for taking time yesterday to meet with the then potential donor and helping explain the intricacies of the project.
  • Rocky checked in on the Great Hall door estimate.  The guy he initially had come out doesn’t want to touch it but is brining someone else out this week to look at it and see what can be done.  Kathleen advised Chapter has agreed the work on the door is a priority and to go forward with the estimates, we’ll work on funding once we know more about the costs.
  • Discussion about holding off of the Queen’s Courtyard lift installation ensued.  Tom suggested since the footing for the new staircase on the east face of the building needed to happen, and with the Gala approaching in mid-December, that holding off on ripping up the Queen’s Courtyard would probably be best.  Greystar can accommodate this request but is hoping to finish work sooner than later.  Tom advised that if after sleeping on it they didn’t feel comfortable with this request, we can readdress it next Tuesday.
  • Next meeting is in one week on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 from 9:15a to 9:45a in the Fireside Room.

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