Construction Update May 27

  • Courtyard chair lift will be installed by Thursday/Friday. Inspection comes in about two weeks.
    • The installation has been completed as of 5/22/2020.
  • Handrails for the steps are complete
  • Samples for the finishes of the courtyard are TBD. Reviewed the first color test and were not happy with the brown color vs. red tone of the pamphlet sample.
    • Tom is going to work directly with General Coatings, the vendor, to get the colors correct and the finishes laid out for us to review.
  • We need to touch base with our landscape architect since Greystar is contracted to complete the area they constructed in and “disturbed” for the plantings and the edging barrier.
    • Kathleen will reach out to the congregation’s landscape architect and report back, asap.
  • The “mat” which handles much of the load stress (if I got that right….) for the building is being completed this week. There’s a ton of steel rebar going in, then concrete will be poured in after inspections are completed. Anticipate this weekend for the cement pour as long as the permit comes in on time.
  • When asked about how the crane installation went, Rocky advised that it went smoothly, set up was done sooner than expected, and that they were very happy with the way things went.

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