Construction Update August 7

Regular Wednesday Construction Update Meeting

Site Logistics Plan review:
  • Reviewed pathways and exits for upcoming work. NO changes this week

General info:
  • Permit progress: The permit could be in hand by tomorrow, it needs stamps and signatures.
  • Once the permit is in hand:
    • Sewer inspection
    • Partial backfill in 6th Ave courtyard
    • Increase the trenches to separate gas from electric from sewer
    • Review of entry points and new staircase with replacement walkway for breezeway to elevator lobby.
  • Discussed sequence of staff relocation and construction for ADA entry ramp in elevator lobby down to reception: 
    • 4-6 week lobby demo and work includes adjusting the floor elevation and creating a ramp, adding security and doors, changing the elevator entry height to match with new floor heights. Augustine will help with redesign finishes in the space, especially flooring for the new ramp.
      • Reception will be located temporarily in what is to be Kathleen’s office while this construction occurs. Kathleen will float until reception office is ready and accessible.
      • Entrance to the offices will be through the stairwell on the Northeastern corner of the Queen’s Courtyard.
      • The Library will not be accessible at this time.
    • Once elevator lobby completed, work for changing the stairwell Queen’s Courtyard will begin to add a ramp and chair lift for ADA accessibility.
      • Reception/Judy will move into her office at that time and entrance to the offices will be through the newly renovated elevator lobby.
      • Kathleen will then reside in her office.

  • Review of Great Hall (GH) basement window issue continues: There were several broken windows discovered this week. Rocky has patched them and is calling a glazer in to repair the broken panes of glass. Plans for replacing the windows with new windows that are full size, have a light well, and are water proof to the top of the footing.

  • There is still a date of 8/12 to move the Admin offices to the basement. If there is a tech delay in cabling the offices for the internet and new phone system, the backup move date is 8/27 due to vacation schedules.
    • Kathleen will contact Tim from The Computer Admin to confirm that once Teldata cabling is done he will be able to have the system up and running and devices good for the move on 8/12/19.
      • Post meeting: Kathleen called Tim and confirmed that we are on schedule as long as the phones arrive from the vendor on time. He is calling to follow up but does not expect any delays at this time.

  • Bay Alarm has come in to adjust some tech issues with the newly reinstalled alarm system. Confirmed the code for the construction team now works. 

  • Discussed possibility of AC in the Great Hall basement offices. We will approach the HVAC vendor to readjust the quote for discovering the actual costs of such a project to focus just on the basement of the Great Hall rather than the whole Great Hall building and Cathedral.
    • Why now? Logistics of potential installation (louvers on side of building accessing old air handler space for old equipment–c.1950s we think) would be easier without a courtyard and 20 story building next door. Also, Greystar will help coordinate the job.
    • Next steps: request a revised proposal from McParlane who gave us the proposal to explore pricing of HVAC in Cathedral and Great Hall buildings. 

  • Great Hall entry doors closest to 5th Ave need to be fixed. The locks can no longer be repaired to secure them and still be able to open them from the outside. The doors will need to be replaced. Tom Delaney will help us resolve the issue.

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