Construction Update August 21

Regular Wednesday Construction Update Meeting

Site Logistics Plan review:
  1.  At Tom’s request, Greystar added detail to the section on elevator replacement.  Delivery of the elevator is expected on November 8, with installation to take 8 weeks, or until after the first week of January 2020.  There was discussion about the possibility of alternate routes for persons with disabilities to enter the Great Hall.  Rocky offered to look into the construction of a temporary ramp, perhaps on the north side of the Great Hall.  Another possibility would be to delay installation until after the holidays.

General Information:
  1. Depending on the outcome of discussions with the inspector, there is a chance that some electrical work will begin on the lift in the Queen’s Courtyard entrance before the current phase of elevator lobby work is completed.  While these two projects were to be staged one after the other, Rocky thinks there is a chance the inspector will want to see some of the electrical work before signing off on the project.  If this happens, access to the Administrative Offices will need to be through the Great Hall doors.
  2. There are several steps involved in the elevator lobby project, including concrete removal, adding a topping slab, removing the elevator door and frames, saw cutting and breaking out the encroaching concrete, etc.  Many of these things will be noisy. If all goes to plan, the elevator should be back in service on 9/4.
  3. The work on Nutmeg St is basically finished, except for one section where the inspector requested that the gas line be moved about three feet.  The sidewalks on Nutmeg have been patched, and Greystar will repair the landscaping outside the gym next week.
  4. It’s “status quo” on the window glass repairs on the north side of the Great Hall.  There is no definite schedule yet for replacement of the broken panes with fire-resistant glass yet.  Code requires that a percentage of the total window space on the north side be replaced; it’s not clear whether the basement level replacements will meet that requirement.  Extra panes have been ordered in case of breakage during the repair process.
  5. Access to campus for Sunday, August 25th, remains the same, through Fifth Avenue.
  6. Greystar would like to begin abatement work in the Administration Building on Tuesday, September 3rd, so any arrangements for Habitat for Humanity to pick up salvage must be done by then.  Bob is coordinating this.
  7. Greystar workers to get either access cards or codes so that they can gain entrance to the site before staff arrive.
  8. Rocky will check on the status of the waterproofing for the north side of the Great Hall and around the women’s vesting area in the undercroft.
  9. The revised McParlane estimate/proposal on the cost of cooling the basement offices came back to us, but they didn’t remove the verbiage about heating the campus, so this continues to be a work in progress.
  10. Brooks asked about the advisability of holding the noon mass in the Chapel on the days when active demolition of the Administrative Offices will occur.  Rocky reassured us that all required “calming” effects (spraying water, etc.) will be done, and so there is no reason not to proceed.
  11. Due to the projected arrival of large beams that will need to be stored, Greystar is asking us to stop using the Olive Street parking lot after Sunday, September 2nd.
  12. With the parking lot closing, the mailbox will need to be moved by that same date.  Bob has discussed placement of the new mailbox with the letter carrier.  It will be near the back of the chapel on 6th Avenue.  We will keep our 6th Ave. address for the time being.

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