Bishop Gene Robinson: It gets better

In response to the recent wave of suicides of LGBT youth, activist Dan Savage started the “It Gets Better” project, a video project where adult LGBT folks encourage bullied or depressed young people by assuring them that their experiences will improve, that life WILL get better.

NH Bishop Gene Robinson has contributed one of the videos, which received over 16,000 hits in one day. Bishop Gene and the other Episcopalians who have participated (including the Rev Susan Russell of All Saints Pasadena) offer an important witness and message of hope to the many LGBT, youth AND adult, who feel abused by “church”. It DOES get better, and The Episcopal Church is helping.

If you or a child you love are suffering from anti-gay bullying or suicidal thoughts, reach out! Call the Trevor Project for LGBT youth. Call someone at St Paul’s. You are wanted, and welcomed, and loved, just as you are.

It DOES get better.

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