Tweeting: I’m an EpiscopalianBecause

Do you tweet? From The Lead,

Can you say why you are an Episcopalian in less than 140 characters?

On the micro-blogging/social media site Twitter, there is an interesting series of posts this week in which all sorts of people are answering the question “I am Episcopalian Because…” You can check out the responses without even joining Twitter by clicking HERE….

Here are a few excerpts:

“When my church says that everyone is welcome and has a home here, they mean it.”

“I’m Episcopalian because you can have the beauty of ritual and the freedom of an open mind in one place”

“Advent I Collect: “give us grace that we may cast away the works of darkness and put upon us the armor of light””

“you aren’t expected to park your brain at the door. Debate with your neighbor, then receive communion together.”

“#EpiscopalianBecause that’s where God led me.”

Here’s one your moderator liked:
I’m #EpiscopalianBecause these beautiful, courageous, messy hopeful people do wild Gospel stuff.

If you are a tweeter, you can share your response to the question by adding the “hashtag” of #EpiscopalianBecause to your tweet.

If you aren’t a tweeter, why not tell us why you are Episcopalian in the comments?

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