Welcome to our new Cathedral Canons!

Dean Scott Richardson tells us about the newest honorary canons of the Cathedral, who were presented with their purple Cathedral cassocks at Sunday’s 10.30 Eucharist.

It is an honor every year to make new canons on Cathedral Day, the Sunday nearest the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul. We have two to share with you now – the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle and the Rev. Canon David Norgard. This short video will give you a better sense of why we are so pleased to bestow these titles; they are both doing remarkable work to help heal the world. Listen to Albert receive his accolade and watch the congregation extend their love to David, as he couldn’t be here due to recent brain surgery. As I said on Sunday, we stand on the shoulders of – and among – giants.

Saluting The Rev. Canon David Norgard

Saluting The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle

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