Sustainable Solutions For Life

From the Simpler Living creation care ministry:

There are so many ways that we can address the climate crisis.  At our upcoming Adult Forum, A Faithful Call to Defund Fossil Fuelishness we’ll discover more solutions as we explore how we literally use our money. And this Sunday Simpler Living will feature a Season of Creation “Show and Tell” in the Queen’s Courtyard after the 10:30 service. Stop by the table, see what’s new to you, and share your own environmentally-friendly solutions to green the planet!

It’s always best to shop locally when we can. Here is one opportunity: at Earthwell you can bring your own containers for household products by charged by weight. Learn what they have to offer:

And here are online businesses – alternatives to the “big box online” options – that offer harder-to-locate items and zero-waste packaging.

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