Stories from Bishop Gene Robinson’s visit

We all felt blessed by Bishop Gene Robinson’s visit to St Paul’s this weekend. In the comments to our previous post announcing the visit, Bob Boyd writes,

What a truly godly man Bishop Gene Robinson is. Russ and I were joined at the 10:30 service by our son and best friend. The latter had never been to SPC. +Gene spoke to both of them in different but meaningful ways. My son was shocked and then thrilled to be hugged by +Gene on the way out after the service. Whether either go to another SPC service (I hope they will), they got a powerful message of love that they and we will never forget. Thanks SPC for hosting +Gene. It was wonderful.

Thank YOU Bob, for telling us your story.

For the rest of you, what did you think of Bishop Gene’s visit? Tell us in the comments, or even better, write us a blog post!

There are also pictures on the Cathedral Flicker photo site. I know Chris would be delighted to add your pictures to the collection!

Note that +Gene is holding a Cathedral mug in this photo….

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