State of the Cathedral 2017

At the forum on Sunday, Dean Penny led us through a powerpoint presentation on the state of the Cathedral. Here’s the outline! 

Good News:

  • CAT Survey says we are healthy and spiritually vital
  • Financial Accounts are in excellent shape
  • Revenue and Expenses YTD in line with budget
  • Recognized in the Community
  • Outreach is growing
  • Membership tracking and Communication
  • Vision for Mission is progressing
  • CCRP is moving forward
  • Renovated Chapel
  • Floor Project
  • Live Streaming and Videos on demand
  • A Great Staff Team
  • A busy summer!

Vision for mission

  • Created in 2015
  • Chapter received in early 2016
  • Revised summer 2017
  • Six goal areas
  • Comprehensive objectives and tasks
  • Changing Lives!

Cathedral for the city

  • A Voice for Justice established: public conversations
  • Public visibility enhanced by communications strategy


  • Leadership development for Misa members
  • Bicultural Latino priest coming on staff
  • Realm software facilitates pastoral care and incorporation

Christian formation

  • Faith2Go for families
  • Small group culture
  • Multi-dimensional formation opportunities

Music and Arts

  • Audio-visual system allows live-streaming and recording

Outreach and Justice

  • Showers and Shelter for our homeless neighbors
  • Advocacy through public events and the CPPN


  • Live streaming expands congregation digitally
  • Dinner Church idea in development

Revised Edition at

Cathedral Campus Redevelopment Plan (CCRP)

  • Forum October 8
  • Apartments not condos
  • Affordable housing included
  • LEED certified
  • Cathedral office/program space much expanded
  • Parking doubled
  • Community Space
  • Design submitted to city
  • Architect working with us
  • Move into space underneath Great Hall
  • Parking arrangements
  • Cost-benefit analysis


  • Fall 2018: Close; construction begins
  • Late 2020: Move into new building
  • 2021: Renovations to original buildings:
    • Accessibility
    • Music Ministry
    • Outreach Center
  • Income to break even

What’s next?

  • Cultivate Community
  • Small groups: join one!
  • Find your ministry
  • Live and give fiercely and fearlessly!

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