Showers Stories: Christian’s Progress

Showers Stories is our new series about the Showers of Blessing ministry, where we share stories of volunteers and guests. 

Claudia Dixon writes:  
A week or so ago I posted a story on the Blog about a homeless young man who regularly comes to our Showers Of Blessings and also now comes regularly to church on Sundays. At that time Christian had just found a bed at Father Joe’s Village and was so relieved he no longer had to live in the park. This last Saturday at our Showers of Blessings, Christian took another step in his progress to a better, more stable and secure life.

 The following is a report by Jen Jow:

It was a happy day this past Saturday for Christian. His comment was that he is so thankful that his life feels like it’s moving forward – especially now that we were able to proceed on getting a copy of his birth certificate. He was smiling from ear to ear when we were done notarizing forms needed for Texas Vital records to release the copy.

Without a birth certificate you can’t get a formal government identification card, which is proof of your identity and which allows you to apply for SSI/food stamps or housing. 

Photo by Jen Jow

This has been a bit of a challenge for me this past month to get it notarized, because he didn’t have a valid government id. That’s why we needed a birth certificate to get one (vicious circle). But I figured out a way to circumvent the system and get it done.

Veletia (Kennedy) and I ended up being a witness to knowing Chris and we used our IDs as verification and proof for the notary to document. 

We were so happy for him and hope this can turn his life around or at least get it moving in the right direction.  

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