SGIA Call to Action

Now more than ever we are called to put our faith into action.  This current alert presented by the Episcopal Church USA gives us that opportunity right now.

The Episcopal Public Policy Network has asked all Episcopalians to contact Congress to pass voting reform legislation. While the House of Representatives passed the For the People Act earlier this year,” the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would reform key aspects of the Voting Rights Act, ensuring that racial discrimination does not play a role in our elections systems. 

The congressional bills under consideration, provisions of which may be introduced in revised legislation, contain many elements relating to election security, voter access, and support for states to carry out elections, including expanding early voting, making Election Day a federal holiday, mandating same-day voter registration, protecting eligible voters from unjust voter purges, and creating a pathway for re-enfranchisement for those who have lost voting privileges due to felony convictions.” 

Click Here for the Episcopal Church’s page with all the details

Click Here for the ECUSA Vote Faithfully toolkit

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