Same Sex Blessings in San Diego

As your Integrity representative for the Diocese of San Diego, I want to share some wonderful news. This past week, Bishop Mathes has authorized the clergy of the diocese to begin blessing same-sex unions. This is a great step forward, one to celebrate. For those who may not have been in this struggle as long as some of us have, let me emphasize that there were times when many of us thought we would never see this day. Do we still have work to do? Sure. But we are on the threshold of a new era of equality and inclusion for GLBT people. Hallelujah!

For those of you who may wish to take advantage of this wonderful news, I would invite you to contact The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas. It was important to the Bishop (and to everyone involved in this process) that the requirements and procedures for blessings of same-gender couples would largely mirror those for straight couples (such as use the same pre-marital counseling course). You can reach Allisyn through the Cathedral office at 619-298-7261.

Finally, if you are so moved, I would invite you to send a letter or email to Bishop Mathes thanking him for his decision and courage. This old Navy town is second only to Orange County as a conservative voting block in most elections and needless to say, the Diocese of San Diego is not of one mind on this issue.

I for one commend him for taking this stand, and hope you would join me in saying thank you!

Bishop James Mathes
Diocese of San Diego
2728 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103

Robert Heylmun

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