Pride 2011: It DOES get better!

Comfortably over 100 members of St Paul’s participated in this year’s Gay Pride Parade, from the marchers to the picnic organizers back at the Cathedral. It was, as always, a lot of fun for the walkers (and fortunately, not too hot this year). We are always popular and it’s always wonderful to hear the cheers and see the folks running over to thank the clergy or ask parishioners where the Cathedral is. And of course, the ever popular Cathedral chapstick that we hand out is always sought after.

An article in the New York Times last weekend explained how pro-equality clergy in NY played an important role in New York’s equality vote. The witness of inclusive faith groups cannot be overstated, not only for the effect on the politics, but for countering the voices of hate and fear, and offering hope to LGBT people.

To continue the strong witness of the St Paul’s Cathedral community, we’re planning a video contribution to the It Gets Better Project, which collects online videos addressed to LGBT youth, particularly those who feel hopeless or suicidal. You’ll be hearing more about how you can be part of this, under separate cover. Meanwhile, check out this info page.

And again thanks to all who participated in making Pride a success!

Check out the slideshow with more photos here!

Susan Forsburg, blogmaster, and occasional photographer

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