People’s Warden Reports: who’s on Chapter?

Dear People of Saint Paul’s,

It is my pleasure and honor to serve as your People’s Warden in 2015.

I promise to communicate with you and to be sustainably engaged in our processes and practices within the contexts of personal spiritual development, Sunday liturgy, Chapter business, and strategic planning.

I hope that you will support me and our community by sharing your ideas and feedback, living into your Baptismal commitments, deepening your prayer and relationship with God, and discerning your own involvement and needs from St. Paul’s this year.

  • How can we, the people of St. Paul’s, help you? Help each other? Help our neighbors, friends and strangers? 
  • Why are you here at St. Paul’s and Who are you and I called to be? Who are we called to be as the community of St. Paul’s? 
  • Together, how do we take St. Paul’s to the next level, if level is the appropriate metaphor?

You can talk to me in-person after 10:30 AM Sunday service or e-mail me at clavis dot maxima at gmail dot com

Blessings in this Lenten season,

Helena Chan

People’s Warden, St. Paul’s Cathedral

 Communication #1: Who’s on Chapter? And Who are the Officers?

Chapter is the Board of Directors of the Cathedral.

Board members come from three sources: election by Cathedral members at Annual Meeting, appointment by the Bishop, and election by Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. Terms begin and expire in January and years of term expiration are in parentheses below.


The Cathedral is a California Non-profit Religious Corporation. Andrew Brooks, Esq. serves as our Cathedral Chancellor.

Who are the officers of the Cathedral?

  • The Very Reverend Penelope Bridges, Dean, President ex officio
  • Don Pellioni, Dean’s Warden, First Vice-President
  • Helena Chan, People’s Warden, Second Vice-President
  • Robert Heylmun, Clerk
  • Betsey Monsell, Treasurer

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