Needs are Great at the Border

There is so much going on in the world, and the first question that comes to mind and heart is “How can I help?”

And so much is going on right in our own backyard as well. Can we look over our neighbor’s “fence,” asking that same question?

EDSD Migration Missioner Robert Vivar is at the frontlines in this crisis, so he knows how to respond!

(In addition to these important needs listed, St. Paul’s is still collecting old smart phones so that asylum seekers can get their day in court. Click Here for details.

list of emergency needs

For Border/ Asylum refugees:
While the numbers at some entry points have dwindled down, others continue to present significant numbers of asylum seekers waiting for processing by border patrol. At some camps volunteers can still encounter 300 plus asylum seekers daily

Street-side migrant drop offs:
Street-side drop offs have changed location again, with numbers of asylum seekers being dropped off and fluctuating yet still very high. On some days as much as 700 plus migrants are seen. 

Volunteers and supplies are urgently needed in Jacumba, as well as to staff the San Diego Airport welcome counter set up by volunteers to assist asylum seekers in transit. We are working on coordinating efforts to deliver lunches to asylum seekers waiting at the airport as many have overnight flights with no money to purchase meals. The idea is to send lunches in the morning as well as late afternoon/ early morning.

Below is wish list of most needed items at this time, some of which are urgently needed due to the cold overnight temperatures in Jacumba.

  • individual tuna packs
  • crackers
  • snacks
  • lunch meat and cheese
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • fruit
  • cup-o-noodles/chicken preferred
  • plastic disposable ponchos
  • blankets
  • jackets/heavy sweaters/ hoodies for men, who men, and children
  • tarps

Donations can be dropped off at the EDSD office, 2083 Sunset Cliffs Blvd San Diego, CA 92107. When dropping off donations, please email EDSD Migrant Missioner Robert Vivar ( so that he may document the donations. This is a good way to make sure congregations are getting acknowledgment for their generosity and support, as well as keep track of donations generated for this effort.

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