Meet Our 2017 Chapter Nominees!

The Annual Meeting is in a few weeks, so it’s time to meet our Chapter nominees. Read all about them below, and come to a meet-and-greet during coffee hour on both January 8 and 15. Then, please join us for the Annual Meeting in the Great Hall at 12:00 p.m. on January 22.

Martin Nace Hall

In 2005 I first visted St. Paul’s Cathedral at the invitation of my banker and good friend Deedra Hardman. I was moved when I heard the choir sing, when a woman presided over the Mass and when a gay priest delivered the sermon. I prayed about the invitation to participate fully in the worship “wherever I found myself on my spiritual journey” for several weeks and ultimately received my first communion at the altar of St. Paul’s. After more than 25 years of searching, I had found a sanctuary where the diversity of God’s human creation assembles to worship. I was confirmed by the Bishop in 2006.

For the past 10 years, I have been involved with various ministries in the Cathedral including: the “Fun” Committee/planning events like Home Coming picnic, Zydeco dinner, Soup Supper; the Stewardship Committee/planning nd hosting stewardship receptions, mailing letters; the Eucharistic Ministry/serving communion to shut-ins; the Cathedral Visitors Ministry/visiting parishioners in their nursing home or at hospital; Ashes to Go Ministry/dispersing Ashes on the streetcorners of downtown San Diego; St. Paul’s LGBT Pride Committee/planning the walk, checking into the parade at 6 am to hold our place in line, carrying the Episcopal flag in the parade.

The Strategic Goal on which I would most like to serve as Chapter Liaison is the Cathedral for the City. I have a passion for the mission of C4CC and have volunteered in these activities for some years now. It is very rewarding to see the faces and hear the expressions of the people you encounter on the streets of the city when you bring Christ’s message that “all are welcomed at St. Paul’s Cathedral”.
In my life outside of the cathedral, I am the Director of Catering and Conference Services of a resort and have more than 25 years experience in the position with Hyatt Hotels, Noble House Hotels and Hilton Hotels. My duties include creating a marketing plan and budget that produces $8M in revenue annually. It is my responsibility to direct the sales and service efforts of a team of managers and to keep the team focused on sales and service goals. I am disciplined with respect to maintaining expenses and achieving a planned budget.

Around San Diego, I have been involved with the following boards and event committees:

• Cruise 4 Kids for the Teddy Ball and the Bunny Ball 
• San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s events committee 
• SDGBA’s Charitable Foundation Scholarship Grant Committee 
• Mama’s Kitchen Board

Susan McClure
I enrolled my son as a Boy Chorister in 1986 and was recruited to assist with vestments and such. By 1989, I joined the Cathedral Choir and 2 other children had joined the Choristers/St. Cecelia Choir. With the choirs alternating services at that time, we were at the Cathedral almost the entire day on Sundays. My husband, Mark, became a Sunday School teacher in the early 90s and we transferred our membership to the Cathedral because we were there almost every day of the week. We have worshipped under 4 Deans and 3 Bishops. I don’t always agree with everything that might be most popular but that hasn’t interfered with making many good friends over the years. The St. Paul’s community has helped to raise our children and become our home.

I appreciate the diversity and programs. I have been involved in many different ministries over the years including:

• Cathedral Choir, Choristers and St. Cecelia Choir (  I have given the St. Cecelia Cross since 1994 to girls who have remained loyal to the choir through senior year of high school )
• Teen groups through 2002 
• As a career Occupational Therapist, I have an interest in disability awareness around the Cathedral campus including starting an awareness ministry in 2003 
• Early contributor of the Organ Restoration Fund and the Cathedral Lighting project 
• Assisting with St. George’s Day since 1987 
• Providing rides to others for Cathedral events 
• Regular attendee of Women Together 
• 2007-2009 involved with Diocean Refugee Network and the Sudanese population at St. Luke’s in North Park 
• Marriage Encounter and Cursillo 

I feel called to be a Chapter Liaison to either the Music or North Park projects. I would also like to ensure accessibility for the disabled throughout the campus.

Having considered Chapter service several times over the years, the timing just wasn’t right. Now, however, with child-rearing, parent-care and other full time obligations in the past, timing seems good to put energy into Chapter. I have a long history and involvement at St. Paul’s and accept people for themselves. Over the years I have learned that even if I don’t always agree on everything, my caring of my fellow parishioners and longtime friendships are what is really important. I respect the many people who have contributed their time and talents to make St. Paul’s the church it is. I also very much listen to what I feel are God’s messages to me and try to live my life accordingly.

Marshall Moore
I was introduced to St. Paul’s by my wife, who had preceded me to San Diego by a couple of years. The music, the liturgy and the space combine to make, for me, a remarkable spiritual experience. More importantly, of the several churches I’ve known, SPC is the first which truly “walks the talk” of forgiveness, acceptance and inclusion.

I was fortunate to have served on the Vision for Mission Committee. For the past two years I have chaired the HR committee. In that capacity, I led the efforts of several others in various hiring activities, the hiring of Jeff Martinhauk and Kathleen Burgess being the most significant. Additionally, I have served as a Greeter and been involved with the Showers of Blessing ministry. Most recently I have served on the Stewardship Committee. I feel most called to serve as Chapter Liaison to Outreach and Justice which is at the core of our faith and is where we “walk the talk”.

I have an appreciation for the inner workings, both issues and decision making, of churches having served on vestries of two other parishes (both small and large). I have an MBA so understand financial constraints and considerations.
Service has always been at the heart of my religious experience. My childhood family was a critical part of a tiny parish so I learned the importance of service. There are exciting times ahead for SPC and I would hope that my experience and thoughtful consideration could help as we continue on this journey of faith.

Bruce Warren

I first came to SPC in 1961. For 20 years was married, raised two children in the church, then divorced and left the church. About 5 years ago I returned to the cathedral and found a different congregation. I felt welcomed.

During my early years at SPC, I was on the Building Committee and was involved in the early days of St. Paul’s Manor (now St. Paul’s Senior Services). More recently I have been involved as a committee member for Dorcas House, a docent, a Stephen Minister and a lector.
My background and experience suggest that I would be a good fit serving a Chapter Liaison to Outreach and Justice, Cathedral Campus/Grounds, or Music/Arts. This experience includes land-use planning and entitlement and governmental regulations. I have served on many community planning groups and several non-profit boards.

I feel called to serve on Chapter because I enjoy the spiritual benefits of St. Paul’s and believe it would be good to be back in the system that keeps the cathedral working, working with and meeting new people and being of service.

Dexter Semple (bio below)  is the diocesan representative to Chapter, and is not subject to election at the Annual Meeting.  He was elected by the diocesan convention in November, and his bio is listed for informational purposes only.

Dexter Semple
I immigrated to the US from Guyana at a young age. Two years ago I moved to San Diego and have been an active member of St. Luke’s since. There, I serve on the Vestry as well as on the Communications and Usher ministries. My appointment as a Diocesan representative to the Chapter will help to cement the growing relationship between St. Luke’s and St. Paul’s.

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