Link Spirituality and Climate Change AND Plant a Tree!

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The Links Between Spirituality and Climate Change purports that “spiritual values drive individual behaviors for more than 80 per cent of people”.

My beloved children,
who were knit in you mother’s womb deep in the depths of the earth,
You too were called by name along with the cedar tree, the red-bellied woodpecker, and the black bear.

May you lie under a sky full of stars and feel yourself entirely rearranged.
May you return home to the same tree year after year
knowing the smell of the leaves each changing season.

Join your sacred groan to that of creation.  May it never cease.
Trust your body.  
Let it guide you. And one day let it return to the soil as food.Let your life be an answer to the earth’s prayers.

by Lydia Wylie-Kellerman

Be the change: plant a tree!
If you live within the city limits, you can request a new street tree through Free Tree SD. This program allows residents and the City to work together by increasing San Diego’s tree canopy cover, creating a more livable and sustainable community for all.
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