Lights, Music, Camera … Our Sound and Video Ministry is Changing

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Dean Penny writes,

We have long used technology in the cathedral to amplify speech, record services, aid the hearing-impaired and make our sermons available online. St. Paul’s recently received an extraordinarily generous gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, with the stipulation that it be used to enhance our sound, recording, and broadcasting capabilities.

Parishioner Todd Hurrell and facilities manager Bob Oslie are working with our music and liturgy staff and Pacific Design & Integration, Inc. to design and install a system that will use the latest technology to provide excellent sound quality for both speech and music, to film events in the cathedral from various angles, to live-stream services, and to allow large-screen television viewing in the Great Hall.

This will be a giant step forward in our technological support. The new sound technology, using “Tectonic Plate” speakers, cuts through an echoing acoustic such as we have at St. Paul’s to provide clear speech. Together with the latest design in hearing-aid support, this should make a great difference to the ability of the congregation to hear and understand the spoken word in our services. The installation of a panel of flat screens in the Great Hall, discreetly covered by a curtain when not in use, will allow us to screen movies and webinars in a more professional way. The ability to record our wonderful choirs and organ, along with the recording and livestreaming of our services, will permit us to reach more people both in and beyond San Diego.

Todd is gathering a small group of volunteers who will be trained in the use of the new equipment. If you have an interest in participating in this important ministry of pastoral care and evangelism, please contact Todd at for more information. We hope to have the new system installed and operational soon after Thanksgiving.

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  1. Please share some of the details of your equipment when you get it set up. What you'll be projecting to the big screens from (Macs and apple tv? Something else?) and other equipment. Looking towards y'all with envy,


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