Letter from Kathleen: Campus Improvements

Hello St. Paul’s

I’m Kathleen Burgess, your Director of Administrative Operations here at the Cathedral.  I’m subbing in for our Dean who has grandmother duties to attend to and am happy to report they are going very well.

I thought I would take a moment to update you all on some of the progress being made around campus and with the new building as the year is coming to a close.

First, the new building, 525 Olive, is progressing nicely and has no delays of note keeping us from a March 2022 occupancy, at this time.  A team of us including Dean Penny, our consultant Tom Delaney, the Greystar reps and more completed a “box walk” of the new spaces to ensure things were where they were supposed to be and made any modifications needed before the walls were put into place. We were able to catch a few little things, like a key pad located on the wall farthest away from the door handle (that would have been a tough one on the day to day for that office).

The furniture and fixtures order to outfit the new building’s offices and meeting spaces has been completed.  There are long lead times (12-14 weeks) for much of it, but we seem to be on a good timeline for our anticipated occupancy time frame.  The furniture is amazing, high end pieces in classic designs that will last a loooong time.  We were able to achieve special pricing for the order with the help of our architects’ connections.  Put a post it on your calendars for next Spring because we’re going to have a fantastic event to show the new fixtures and furniture with a party and opportunities for sponsoring a room or a office or even a chair!  Watch for more information to come regarding this celebration event.

We’re making some improvements to our flooring on the 3rd floor of the main building.  The Fireside Room, Family Ministry Room, and the adjacent hallways will have new flooring installed as a part of the improvements that Greystar is assisting with because of some of the consequences of the construction project.  There were some cracks in the floors that needed repairs, so they offered to help us fix the floors throughout the 3rd floor as well as 2nd floor elevator lobby.  They’ve been excellent partners in getting things spruced up around campus and we’re grateful for the teamwork in getting the jobs completed and at greatly reduced rates.

Finally, we’ve been working with the Altar Guild and more for the “new” Christmas decorations for the nave.  With the changes from pews to chairs, there were some elements of our displays that were now obsolete.  We’ve worked together with a team on a refreshed decoration plan for the Christmas season. We’re all very excited to have everyone see it.  We’re installing the décor December 23 as usual.

Hope you all have a blessed holiday as we prepare for the coming of our Lord.  We’re working hard here at the Cathedral to make it a very Merry Christmas for one and all.

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