I was challenged in a way that I did not expect by the discussion on Sunday on the definition of marriage.   Like many who attended I have opinions on the content and neutrality of the discussion but my thoughts are drifting towards hospitality and listening.

 In the intensity and emotion of the evening I almost forgot that we were invited into someone else’s house for the discussion.  That house happened to be Skyline church.   This was an act of friendship and an act not without risk for Christ’s family at Skyline.

Bishop Gene was one of the main guests from our group and I think he was a model guest.   He was gracious to his host and to the other guests, he listened and he respectfully made his point and I would challenge anyone who came away without a clear knowledge of what he stood for.

I came away hoping that when I am next invited into someone’s house, be it a friend’s or other, that I model my behavior in a similar way to that of Bishop Gene.   Christ also calls me not only to be a guest but also a host and I hope that in fearless love I am as good a host as our friends were at Skyline church.

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