But where was the conversation?

I was part of the multitude from St.Paul’s that attended the “conversation” [2 1/2 hours, would you believe!] about gay marriage at the Skyline Church last week.  There were, indeed, thousands in attendance — and the conversation was respectful.  Thinking about it today, I’m struck with the almost diametrically opposed perspectives that were highlighted.  Both of the opponents to gay marriage (indeed, gay relationships of any kind) hammered away with biblical proof-texts and scientific studies (or, “studies” as the case may be); and didn’t really acknowledge that actual human relationships might be involved.  Bishop Gene Robinson and John Corvino, on the other hand, focused almost entirely on the values that marriage can bring to gay relationships and to society as a whole; and emphasized that the biblical world-view supporting slavery, women as chattel, death for purity-code violations, etc. have all been abandoned or adjusted as society has evolved and that gay marriage shouldn’t be held in an “untouchable” class by itself — especially since the biblical basis for homophobic strictures is so weak. 
I’d really hoped that there might be an actual conversation — and Gene and Jon really tried; but, all I heard from the other side was the kind of hammering with proof-texts that drove me out of the evangelical tradition 50 years ago — now, it’s just dressed up with better academic credentials.  … enough of that rant.
Bob Holt

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